Conference Programme


Wednesday 26th July

Welcome Address and Introductions
James Hemsley, Honorary Chair, EVA Conferences

· Key Note Speaker: Patrick Towell, Golant Films/Patrick Towell Consulting
The Business of Culture in Internet 2.0

Strategies & New Directions

Session Leader: Suzanne Keene, UCL, The Institute of Archaeology

· Big Fish Eat Little Fish
Holly Witchey, New Media Initiatives, Cleveland Museum of Art
· Mapping Cultural Connectivity: Who Knew Whom
Nat Goodden, Department of Art & Design, University of Gloucestershire
· The Effects of Museums' Online Catalogues
Barbara Lejeune, Belgium
· A Comparison of Gender Bias in Art & Science Museum Websites
Rod Gunn, Gloria Moss, University of Glamorgan
Jonathan P. Bowen, Museophile Limited
Isabel Bernal, Eleanor Lisney and Sarah McDaid

Digital Assets

Session Leader: Catherine Draycott, The Wellcome Trust

· Copyright Protection and Culture Heritage:
Steering Digitization between Public Archives and Search Engines
Teresa Numerico, University of Salerno, Italy
Jonathan P. Bowen, Museophile Limited
· Audiovisual Preservation for Collections of All Sizes
Richard Wright, BBC Archive
· Digital Asset Management System
James Stevenson, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
· Harvard Judaica Image Databases
Violet Gilboa, Harvard College Library
Panel session - Open Access & Business Models
Catherine Draycott, Holly Witchey, Jonathan Bowen , led by James Hemsley


Thursday 27th July

· Keynote Speaker
David Dawson, MLA, Head of Digital Futures, Museums, Libraries and Archives Council
Culture and Education: making the links

Museums, Libraries & Archives

Session Leader: Alan Seal, Victoria & Albert Museum

· Collections Documentation Practices: a critical perspective
Sophia Bakogianni, Department of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean, Greece
· An Exploratory Study of Museum Cell Phone Audio Tour Program in Taiwan
Wan-Chen Liu, Graduate Institute of Museum Studies, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
· There's Madness in our Methods: collections management, asset management, data management
Holly Witchey, New Media Initiatives, The Cleveland Museum of Art
· Disruptive Technologies: Are Museums Immune?
Suzanne Keene, UCL, The Institute of Archaeology
· Confessions of Computer Scientists working in the Arts: a Tale of Two Techies
Mark d'Inverno, Goldsmiths, University of London
Jonathan P. Bowen, Museophile Limited

Architecture, Archaeology, History & Information Technology, ARCH-IT

Session Leader: Mike Spearman, CMC Associates

· Concept for an Application-Oriented Automated Classification System for Bronze Age Vessels
David Brunner, G. Brunnett, J. Oexle, Chemnitz University of Technology & Archaeology Office of Saxony, Germany
· Virtual Museography for an Archaeological Site
Rocio Ruiz-Rodarte, Architecture Department, Tecnológico de Monterrey, México
Jesús Savage-Carmona, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Ramón Carrasco, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, México
· On-Site ICT Applications in Archaeology: the Calakmul Case
Franco Niccolucci, University of Florence, Director of the Italo-Mexican Calakmul Project, Italy
Christine Schöne & Steffen Schreiber, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chair of Engineering Design and CAD
University of Technology Dresden, Germany
Christiane Rehm, Academy of Architecture & Wood, Biel, Switzerland
- The New Premises of the Alinari National Museum of Photography and AIM
Andrea de Polo, Alinari

New Technical Developments

Session Leaders: Jonathan Bowen, Museophile and Lindsay McDonald, University of the Arts

- Innovation in Distributed Computing Technologies in Arts & Humanities eResearch
Ann Borda & James Farnhill, JISC
· Rendering High Dynamic Range Images
Min Kim & Lindsay MacDonald, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London
Daria Tsoupikova, School of Art and Design, Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), University or Illinois at Chicago
· Reproduction of Stained Glass Window on Transparent Material Using Wide Format Ink Jet Printer
Kiran Deshpande & Lindsay MacDonald, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London


Friday 28th July

Welcome Address and Introductions
Lindsay MacDonald, University of the Arts

Sound & Performing Arts, from Education to Participation

Session Leaders: Lizbeth Goodman, SmartLab, Kia Ng, ICSRiM - University of Leeds
Rowena Loverance, the British Museum

· Online Education as Stage and Narrative Acts: Criteria for a successful online education
Petra Nietzky, Lüneburg, Germany
· Music of the Spheres
Nick Lambert, Birkbeck College & Jeff Rees, artist
· An advanced Theatrical Environment with 'Talking Heads' ... regretfully now withdrawn
Pier Auguston Bertacchini, Eleanora Bilotta, Pietro Pantano, Adolfo Adamo, Adrianotacarico, Assunta Tavernise, University of Calabria, Italy

- OperaXchange: Collabration for Connectivity
Sarah Beecham, Memory of Art

· Collaborative Technology Enhanced Environment and Interactive Multimedia Technologies for Music Playing & Learning
Kia Ng, Bee Ong, Ali Khan, ICSRiM - University of Leeds and Nicola Mitolo, Paolo Nesi, DSI, University of Florence, Italy
· Biomapping and emotion mapping
Christian Nold, Biomapping.net
Fiddan Warman, SODAplay
Sol Haring of SMARTlab
Lizbeth Goodman, SMARTLab,
MAGIC Multimedia & Games Innovation Centre, The Knowledge Dock, University of East London

Putting It All Together

Session Leaders: George Mallen, System Simulation
Anna Clark, Business Development Manager Arts & Humanities, University College London