2014»2014 Research workshop

Day 1: Tuesday 8th July, afternoon
1.45 Graham Diprose, Chair: Introduction and welcome
1.50 Elena G. Gaevskaya and Tatyana V. Laska. Ways of Access to Virtual Cultural Heritage Saint Petersburg State University elena.gaevskaya@gmail.com
2.10 Elke Reinhuber. Counterfactualism – An approach to visualise with media arts the scientific research, dealing with the retrospective analysis of turning points in life
2.30 Lorna Moore. In[bodi]mental : Body Swapping - a choreography of shared selves using real-time video
2.50 Beth Woodward Alvarez. The Performance Effects of Online Video Tutorials on Secondary School String Orchestra Students.
3.10 Rehan Zia. Tonemapping Multi-shot Digital Photographs of Real World Environments
3.30-3.40 Brief refreshment break
3.40 Hannah L. Jacobs. Visualizing the New Woman
4.00 Beatrice Bretherton. Music and Motion University of Stirling
4.20 James Rosindell. Big Data Visualisation with Fractal Geometry Imperial College London
4.40 Anna Nazarova. How can typography be represented in an alter-modernity context?
5.00 Clare Plumley. Brain in pain: body mapping, pain visualisation and mapping the invisible
5.20 Leonie Dunlop. Beasts and Bodies: Visualizing the Landscape through Place-Names University of Glasgow
5.40 Dion Rezki. Socio-digital-visualizations as positive-reinforcement mechanisms for encouraging pro-social and constructive behaviours
6.00 Close and invitation to join EVA London Reception