2012»Research workshop

The Workshop is for Masters and PhD students working in this field to give a 15 minute presentation on their ideas, plans or initial results in a supportive and relatively informal environment.

Chairs: James Hemsley and Toyin Sogbesan

Marianne Markowski: “Teletalker” - an online window to connect older adults

Greg Giannis: Peripato telematikos

Nima Norouzi and Mohammad Rashid: Impact of virtualization on home design process

Alberto Campagnolo: Digital visualization of historical bookbinding structures: transforming XML records to visual representations

Stephanie Ward: Energy that defines space


Loraine Monk: Exploring the question whether hidden histories can be discovered/revealed by art practice

Tom Flint: The experience of interactive art is appropriation

Joe Osmond: Abstract animation and the art of sound

Irida Ntalla: The interactive museums, from touch screen interfaces to immersive environments