2011»Visualisations and demonstrations

Visualisations and demonstrations

Demos were part of the formal conference programme.

Day 1

Jan Wojdziak, Martin Zavesky, Ingmar Franke and Christian Lambeck. Guest Login – Visitor-Centered Information Design.
Parjad Sharifi. Whispers of The Still City
Marilli Mastrantoni and Evangelos Haviaris.

Day 2

Alan Payne, Peter Fry, Heather Lane, Robert Smith and Julio D'Escrivan. Semantic Browsing: A New Way to Explore and Discover Heritage Treasures.
Dimitris Mylonas and Lindsay Macdonald. An Online Colour Naming Workshop

Day 3

Radu Moraru, Oana Gui and Ioan Chirila. 3D modeling of an important symbol of orthodox wooden churches: The imperial gates.
Iñigo Giner Miranda. Live Performance: "Tratado de imágenes" (for live trio and video track).
Joe Osmond. Birdsong for Prisoners.