Day 1: Wednesday 6th July


Plenary session: The Three Dimensions

Paul Richens and Marion Harney. Reconstruction of Historic Landscapes.
Nick Lambert. From the dome of heaven to a cupola in space: Re-engaging with imagery and symbolism through 3D digital art installations.
Stephanie Adolf. Optical Measurement Techniques for multi-dimensional measurement of Cultural Heritage.

Parallel session: Research workshop

Keynote speaker
Nick Poole. Europeana: a cultural grid for Europe.

Plenary Session: Museums : technologies and interactions

Sarah Mcdaid, Silvia Filippini Fantoni and Matthew Cock. Handheld handholding: small-screen support for museum visitors.
Oluwatoyin Sogbesan and Natalia Grincheva. ‘Universal’ access in 3000 years? The Digital Collections of the State Hermitage Museum.
Danny Birchall. 'Things': a case study in getting from accession to online display in 60 minutes.
Koula Charitonos, Canan Blake, Ann Jones and Eileen Scanlon. ‘Museum Learning 2.0’: How (can) Web 2.0 technologies be used for enhancing the museum learning experience?


Plenary session: New digitisations

Chris Rowland. Fishing With Sound: An Aesthetic Approach to Visualising our Maritime Heritage.
Anthony Head. 3D Weather – Towards a Realtime 3D Simulation of Localised Weather.
Yi-hui Huang. Understanding digital-altered photographs through photographers’ views of reality: Matt Siber as an example.
Jonathan Scott and Richard Laing. The devil is in the detail.

Parallel session: Social Networking

Robert Burton. Kiki Salon Presents…An Journey into Conceptual Brand and Product development utilising Social Networking and New Media to Analyse Issues of Diversity, Authenticity and Collaborative Practices in Art and Design.
Maureen Kendal and Alan Hudson. On the Beach - A handbook for using 3D virtual digital platforms like Second Life.– “the WEISL” – ‘Writing Explorations in Second Life’.
Doron Goldfarb, Max Arends, Josef Froschauer, Dieter Merkl and Martin Weingartner. Combining Cultural Heritage related Web resources in 3D Information Landscapes.

Parallel session: Demonstrations

Jan Wojdziak, Martin Zavesky, Ingmar Franke and Christian Lambeck. Guest Login – Visitor-Centered Information Design.
Marilli Mastrantoni and Evangelos Haviaris. DE-FENCES.

Day 2: Thursday 7th July


Plenary Session: Virtual Worlds

Paul Hazlewood, Amanda Oddie, Steve Presland, and Brian Farrimond. 3D Spatiotemporal Reconstruction of Places and Events for Digital Heritage.
Amanda Oddie, Paul Hazlewood, Brian Farrimond, and Steve Presland. Applying Deductive Techniques to the Creation of Realistic Historical 3D Spatiotemporal Visualisations from Natural Language Narratives.
Simon Elliott. The Garden of Ideas.

Keynote speaker
Paul Squires. Digital Publishing: tension and attention.

Plenary Session: Visualisation of Spaces

Amir Soltani. Embodied Airborne Imagery: Low-Altitude Urban Filmic Topography.
Richard Beales, Ajay Chakravarthy, Michael Selway, Mike Stapleton, and James Stevenson. ICON: Authentic 3D Cultural Heritage Models for the Creative Industries.
Xin Li, Xia Zhang, Peng Cui, Zhiyong Fu, Shiqiang Yang, and Baoguo Cui. The Visualization of Mass Information in Social Network with a Holistic View.
Graham Diprose and Mike Seaborne. An Alternative Approach to Conserving Digital Images into the 23rd Century.
Georges Mihaies. The Strategic Role of Visual Arts in Mobilizing Knowledge Resources for (Local) Community Empowerment in the Global Knowledge Based Economy and Society.


Parallel session: 3D Imaging Technology

R. Collmann and D. van der Knijff. Virtual 3D Object Imaging for Cultural Artefacts: Demonstrator.
Moshe Caine, and Michael Magen. Pixels and Parchment: The Application of RTI and Infrared Imaging to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Graeme Earl, Philip Basford, Alexander Bischoff, Alan Bowman, Charles Crowther, Jacob Dahl, Michael Hodgson, Leif Isaksen, Eleni Kotoula, Kirk Martinez, Hembo Pagi, and Kathryn E. Piquette. Reflectance Transformation Imaging Systems for Ancient Documentary Artefacts.
Lindsay W. MacDonald. Visualising an Egyptian Artefact in 3D: Comparing RTI with Laser scanning.

Parallel session: Education and Philosophy

Charlotte Crofts. Technologies of Seeing the Past: The Curzon Memories App.
Colette Tron. Digital Simulation: a new kind of artifice?
Karen Cham. The Architecture of the Image.

Parallel session: History

Xavier Laumain, Angela López Sabater, and Carlos Huerta Gabarda. Virtual Technologies for Archaeological Studies of Nolla's Ceramic Mosaics.
Tessa Morrison, and Ning Gu. What Architectural Historians can Learn from Augmented Reality Technologies?
Elena Logdacheva, Yuri Vinogradov, Sergei Shvemberger, and Nikolay Borisov. 3D Reconstructions of Cimmerian Bosporus Painted Crypts.

Parallel session: Demonstrations

Alan Payne, Peter Fry, Heather Lane, Robert Smith, and Julio D'Escrivan. Semantic Browsing: A New Way to Explore and Discover Heritage Treasures.
Dimitris Mylonas and Lindsay MacDonald. An Online Colour Naming Workshop.

Day 3: Friday 8th July


Plenary Session: Digital Art

Sean Clark. Revisiting Interactive Art Systems.
Donatella Barbieri. Encounters in the Archive - Capturing the experience of the interaction between the artist and the archive.
Azadeh Mohammadi and Taraneh Meshkani. Interactive Wallpaper.

Keynote speaker
Beryl Graham. Museums, New Media Art, Documentation and Collection.

Plenary Session: Performance Technology

Ruth Gibson. Capturing Stillness: Visualisations of dance through motion/performance capture.
Matt Benatan, Ian Symonds and Kia Ng. Mobile Motion: Multimodal Device Augmentation for Musical Applications.
Grethe Mitchell and Andrew Clarke. Capturing and Visualising Playground Games and Performance: A Wii and Kinect based motion capture system.


Parallel session: Performance

Daniel Felstead and Kate Bailey. Curating Performance Installations.
Paul Wiersbinski. TOYs - Interactive AV Performance Installation.
Mikel Horl. Digital rejoinders: time & place, hither & thither, war & peace.

Parallel session: Demonstrations

Radu Moraru, Oana Gui and Ioan Chirila. 3D Modelling of an Important Symbol of the Orthodox Wooden Churches – The Imperial Gates.
Iñigo Giner Miranda. "Tratado de imágenes" (for trio and video track).
Joe Osmond. Birdsong for Prisoners.

Plenary session: Visualisation and the Arts

Veronika Reichl. The Joy of Visual Metaphors.
Tom Keene. The Apple Barrier: An open source interface to the iPhone.
Susan Jane Jones and Lynne Hall. The Photograph as a Cultural Arbitrator in the Design of Virtual Learning Environments for Children and Young People.

Conference summary and close George Mallen