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Day 1, Monday 6 July

Kim Veltman
Scientific Director
Virtual Maastricht McLuhan Institute

Kim H. Veltman is Scientific Director of VMMI (Virtual Maastricht McLuhan Institute); author and consultant re: implications of new media for scholarship, knowledge organization, culture and society. He has taught at the universities of Gottingen, Rome, Carleton; was Director of the Perspective Unit, McLuhan Program, Toronto (1990-1996), and Director of the Maastricht McLuhan Institute (1998-2005).
He was a consultant for Bell Media Linx (1996-1998), and Nortel Networks
His research began with the history of perspective, and Leonardo da Vinci. For the past 30 years he has lectured in five languages on the five continents. He is the author of 4 published books; 7 books available electronically and numerous articles, many available electronically at www.sumscorp.com. His initial prototype of a System for Universal Media Searching (SUMS) chosen as part of G8 pilot project 5: Multimedia Access to World Cultural Heritage. He led the European E-Culture Net. He is working on New Models for Culture. In 1996, he was awarded the International Capire Prize for a Creative Future in the area of science and art integration.

Day 2, Tuesday 7 July

Ernest Edmonds
Professor of Computation and Creative Media
University of Technology, Sydney

Ernest Edmonds was born in London and now lives and works in Sydney Australia. His art is in the constructivist tradition and he first used computers in his art practice in 1968. He first showed an interactive work with Stroud Cornock in 1970 at the CG70 exhibition in the UK. He has exhibited throughout the world, from Moscow to LA. Since the 1970s he has pioneered the development of practice-based PhD programmes in art, systems and digital technology, first at what was then Leicester Polytechnic and subsequently at Loughborough University and UTS, the University of Technology Sydney. Ernest Edmonds currently is Professor of Computation and Creative Media at UTS, where he leads a multi-disciplinary practice-based art and technology research group, the Creativity and Cognition Studios. He has publishing widely in the areas of human computer interaction and creativity and is Editor-in-Chief of Leonardo Transactions.

Day 3, Wednesday 8 July

Gordana Novakovic
Artist in Residence and Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Dept of Computer Science, UCL

Originally a painter, with 12 solo exhibitions to her credit, Gordana has more than twenty years' experience of developing and exhibiting large-scale time-based media projects. Her artistic practise and theoretical work that intersects art, science and advanced digital technologies has formed five Cycles: Parallel Worlds, The Shirt of a Happy Man, Infonoise and the ongoing Fugue. A constant mark of her work throughout her experiments with new technologies has been her distinctive method of creating an effective cross-disciplinary framework for the emergence of synergy through collaboration. Gordana exhibited and lectured at leading interdisciplinary festivals and symposia, and artistic and scientific conferences such as Towards a Science of Consciousness, Mutamorphosis and Subtle Technologies. Alongside her artistic practice, in the last five years Gordana has been artist-in-residence at Computer Science Department, University College London, where she has founded and convenes the Tesla Art and Science Group. She has received a number of international and British academic awards.