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Dunn, S. with S. Keene, G. Mallen and J. Bowen (eds.). EVA London 2008: Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. Proceedings of a conference held in London 22-24 July. BCS, 2008.

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Online publication

EVA London 2008: Electronic Visualisation & the Arts
Published online by the BCS: The Chartered Institute for IT, in the series: Electronic Workshops in Computing (eWiC)

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Buddhist stone scriptures from Shandong, China

Choreographic morphologies: digital visualisation of spatio-temporal structure in dance and the implications for performance and documentations

Emotional interfaces in performing arts: the Callas project

'Shan-Shui-Hua' - traditional Chinese landscape painting reinterpreted as moving digital visualisation

Analyzing a conductors gestures with the Wiimote

A new information system for the superintendence of Pompeii: integration, management and preservation of archaeological digital resources in the perspective of interoperability with European digital libraries

Artlog: archiving the artistic process

Prometheus - the distributed digital image archive for research and education goes international!

The trace and the gaze: textural agency in Rembrandt's late portraiture from a vision science perspective

Computer art and technocultures: evaluating the V & A's collections in the digital age

Online encounters: a new method of creating participatory art

Redesigning architecture through photography

Making music with images: interactive audiovisual performance systems for the deaf

Visualized arguments: or how to pierce the persuasive visualization and other arguments

3D colour scans for object assessment

Beyond graphs or charts: visualising web statistics with natural displays in physical space

Envisioning everyday life: explorations of visualization techniques in Taiwan

Film as database: a visual analysis of 2001: A Space Odyssey

The Middleton Mystery: an adventure at Belsay Hall' interpreting heritage through the design and development of a computer game

Testing the living canvas on stage