EVA London 2005

Conference Programme


Wednesday 27 July

Strategies & New Directions
Session Leaders: Suzanne Keene, Institute of Archaeology, UCL

• The New Italian Heritage Portal
Stella Montanari, Consorzio Forma, Scuola Normale Supperiore, Pisa
• E-Learning Chess Through the Internet
V Shishkin, Ulyanovsk State University
• The Uigarden Project, Two Languages, Two Forums and a Cultural Exchange (Chinese & English)
Christine Li, Eleanor Lisney, Sean Liu, Infinitive Interactive Ltd
• SizeUK: Imaging the Body for Fashion
Jennifer Bougourd, London College of Fashion


Thursday 28 July

Museums, Libraries & Archives
Session Leaders: Alan Seal, Victoria & Albert Museum
Catherine Draycott, the Wellcome Institute

• How do PDAs work at the Royal Institution of Great Britain?
Will Pearson, NESTA, Benedetta Tiana, Event Communication, Susie Fisher The Susie Fisher Group, London
• The Study of High-tech and Low-tech Interactives in three London Museums
Francesca Monti, Institute of Archaeology, UCL
• Digital Library of Russian Books of the XVIII Century
Valery Solovyev Kazan State University
• Where now for museum RSS – really simple syndication
Jon Pratty, 24Hour Museum
• Can Small Museums Develop Compelling, Educational and Accessible Web Resources? The case of Accademia Carrara
Silvia Filippini-Fantoni, University of Paris, Jonathan Bowen, LSBU
• Simulacra & the Public Sector
Patrick Towell, Simulacra, England
• The New Business Matrix - Digital Content Strategies/e-learning/e-commerce
Anthony Hamber, Learning Markets Analysis

Archaeology, Architecture, History & Technology ‘ARCH-IT’
Session Leaders: Jonathan Bowen LSBU and David Dawson, MLA

• Museal & Monument Settings
Stella Montanari, Consorzio Forma, Scuola Normale Supperiore, Pisa
• Computer Reconstruction of the Architectural and Historical Heritage
D Kordonchik, J Matushanskaya, Kazan State Academy of Architecture & Civil Engineering
• Digitization of Cultural content, The Greek Strategy: Digitising Content, Preserving Collective Memory
Dimitrios Tsoli, University of Patras, Greece
• Virtual Model Development of the Underground City, Zmeinogorsk
Sergey Pomoro, Polzunov Altai State Technical Univesity, Russia
• Fortuna Visiva of Pompeii
Maria Emilia Masci, Scula Normale Superiore, Pisa
• SVM, Siberian Virtual Museum of Informatics History
V Kasyanov, AP Ershov, Institute of Informatics Systems Russia

Rights Management
Session Leader: Vito Cappellini, University of Florence

• Copyright and Promotion: Oxymoron or Opportunity
Jonathan Bowen, Teresa Numerico, London South Bank University
• Reproduction Charging Models & Rights Policy for Digital Images in American Art Museums
Simon Tanner, Kings College London
• The Key to Digital Certainty
Martin Warner, Codel Ltd

Special pre-Event to Friday’s Performing Arts I
Session Leader James Swinson, The SMARTlab Centre, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London University of the Arts

• Towards Intelligent Responsive Sound
M d’Inverno, University of Westminster
• Tate Online: Making Sense of Complexity
Jemima Rellie, Tate
• Distribution, Aggregation and Added Value - Setting the Data Free!
Paul Miller, Common Information Environment, JISC
• EC funding from 2005-2010 Sixth to Seventh Framework Programmes:
Panel Discussion

New Technology Developments I
Session Leaders
Vito Cappellini, UoF, Lindsay MacDonald, LCC, the London University of the Arts

• Application Framework for CANVAS
Hank Kaczmarski, University of Illinois, USA
• The Big Picture
Graham Diprose, University of the Arts, London
• Framework of a Real-time Interactive Audio-video Registration & Recognition system
Mooath Al-Rajab, ICSRiM, University of Leeds
• Virtual Touch of a Sculpture
Halina Gotleib, H Simonsson & H Öjmyr, Visions for Museums, Interactive Institute, Sweden
• SITE Project
Petra Reiter, Austrian Research Promotion Agency
• A Gesture Control Framework for 3D Augmented Character Animation
Basmah Daham Jassem, ICSRiM, University of Leeds
• EDINA, JISC and Getty Images - now it gets personal
Andrew Bevan, EDINA

New Technology Trends
Panel Discussion


Friday 29 July

Performing Arts II
Session Leaders: James Swinson, The SMARTlab Centre, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London University of the Arts, Kia Ng, ISCRiM, University of Leeds

• Opendrama, Pro-Active Archiving & Operaindex+
G Howard, SSL, S Beecham, Art of Memory, London
• Interactive Multimedia Technologies for Music
Bee Ong, ICSRiM University Leeds

Education & Learning
Session Leaders: Rowena Loverance, British Museum, James Hemsley, EVA

• Situated and Adaptive e-Learning for Cultural Heritage
Stefano de Luca, Enterprise Digital Architects spa. Rome
• The Bigger Digital Picture – A Method for Identifying Community Needs
Mike Pringle, AHDS Visual Arts, Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College
• E-Learning: Adaptive Technology for Quality Control in a Value Education Course
A Usachev, E Medvedeva, Krasnoyarsk State Technical University, Russia
• Adding a New Dimension to Learning
Elizabeth Henson, Ian Crowther, Robin MacTaggart, Kestrel 3D Visualisation

New Technology Development II
Session Leaders: Anna Clark, UCL Business Development Manager,
Kia Ng, ICSRiM, University of Leeds

• Automated Multi-Channel Cross-Media Production and Distribution
Bee Ong, ICSRiM, University of Leeds
• Evolving Ceative Picture Painter Pograms Using Darwinian Techniques with an Automated Fitness Function
Steve DiPaola, Simon Fraser Univesity, Canada
• Digital Media & Film:
Panel Discussion

‘Putting it all Together’ Future Trends & Funding
Session Leaders: George Mallen, System Simulation
Vito Cappellini, University of Florence

Panel Session: To 2010 & Beyond + Framework 6 & Framework 7