Conference Programme

Wednesday 28th July

ARCH-IT Symposium

Welcome and introduction, James Hemsley, EVA Conferences & Kestrel 3D

Morning session
Chair: Rowena Loverance, British Museum

• The ARCO Project: Results & Future Plans, Martin White, University of Sussex
• The SCULPTEUR Project: Results & Future Plans, Matthew Addis, IT Innovation Centre, Southampton
• Other FP5 Arch-IT projects

Special presentation
• Fast cinematic browsing & image mining without metadata: demonstration of world access to 500 films from 25 countries
• Anthony Roland, The Roland Collection of Films (including Art and Architecture

Afternoon session
Chair: Vito Cappellini, University of Florence

• New 3D technology developments & applications for exhibitions
• New 3D display systems
Phil Lavery, Grey Thorn Associates
• High quality 3D scanning and exhibition display: British Museum case study
Mike Spearman, Kestrel 3D
Tim Badley, Leica Geosystems

University/research institute R&D Projects

• Gallery Application
Michael Schnaider, ZGDV, Germany
• Historical Architecture, White City, Tel Aviv
Moshe Caine, Bezalel, Israel

EC Sixth Framework Programme, FP6: new projects

• New Calls - 2004/05
• FP7 perspectives 2007/11

Discussion: the future of Arch-IT

Panel chair: Professor Vito Cappellini, University of Florence

Thursday 29 July

Strategies & new directions

Chair: Cathrine Draycott, Wellcome Trust
• Educational delivery channels for cultural content
Grant Cocks, Simulacra Media, England
• The building of online communities: An approach for learning organizations, with a particular focus on the museum sector
Alpay Beler & Ann Borda, The Science Museum London
Jonathan P Bowen, London South Bank University
Silvia Filippini-Fantoni, Univesité Paris I-Sorbonne, France
• Disabled people & the web - Web accessibility in the cultural sector
Helen Petrie, City University London, Marcus Weisen MLA
• What museums, archives, galleries and libraries can teach us about digital asset management
Nic Sheen, iBase, England
Annette Ward, University of New Mexico, USA
• VeGame: Combining mobile gaming with cultural heritage
Francesco Bellotti, D.I.B.E., Genoa, Italy
• Shooting Gallery
Steve Manthorp, Bradford Arts, Heritage & Leisure, England
• ADMIRE-P project: a tool for EU-Russian collaboration under IST FP6
Olga Pekushkina & Paul Drath, Singleimage England
• International access to the world's museums, Museumland
Mario Bucolo, ABIS MultiCom & Museumsland, Italy

Case studies

Session Chair: Alan Seal, Victoria & Albert Museum

• Putting audiences first - Commissioning projects that audiences want: the Culture Online experience
Jonathan Drori, Culture-On-Line, London
• Historical background & innovation: the role of communication & new technologies for the Dissemination of the University of Sienna's Cultural Heritage
Maurizio Caporali, Italy
• The Museum's news site or on the way from information bulletin to information portal
Igor Proletkin, Saratov State University, Russia
• Art on demand - GAOD
Andrea de Polo, Alinari Italy
• Old Slavic manuscript heritage
Victor Baranov, Udmurtia State University, Russia
• How to get the bones into a computer
Elke Möllmann University of Bielefeld, Germany
• Digitally couture
Krishma, KUGA Couture

EC 6th Framework Programme 2003 - 2006
Panel discussion

Session Co-chairs: Vito Cappellini, University of Florence, Italy
David Dawson, The Museums & Libraries Archives Council, MLA, England

Friday 30th July

Performing arts

Kia Ng ICSRiM, University of Leeds
James Swinson, SMARTlab Centre, Cental St Martins College of Art

• A Virtual Reality Tour in an Italian Drama Theatre A journey between architecture and history during the 19th century
S. Valtolina, University of Milan, Italy
• The TOURBOT project: On the use of museum robots in theatre plays
Alexandra Reitelmann, University of Bonn,
• 3D Opera Presentation
Paolo Micciche, Italy
• Wearable Graphical Music Interface
Kia Ng, Rich Sage, ISCRiM, University of Leeds, England
• Affective Communication Remapping in MusicFace System
Steve diPaola, Simon Fraser University, Canada
• Staging & Citing Gendered Meanings in Live and Mediated Performances - A practice based research project
Anna Birch, SMARTlab Centre, Cental St Martins College of Art

3D & VR

Chair: Suzanne Keene, UCL, The Institute of Archaeology

• Implementing 3D Videos on Digitally Reconstructed Artistic Sites
F Bellotti, University of Genoa, Italy
• Interactive Museum Exhibit
Michael Schnaider & Cornelius Malerczyk ZGDV Computer Graphics, Germany
• Greek New Comedy Masks in 3D
Richard Williams, University of Glasgow, Scotland
• Documenting the Unique Characteristics of Objects Using
Non-contact Colour & 3D Laser Scanning
Samantha Cichero & R Michael Spearman, Kestrel 3D, Scotland
• 3D Rendering of Luca Cambiaso's Cubist Figures (1527-1585)
Fransesco Bellotti, University of Genoa, Italy

R&D Projects I

Chair: Vito Cappellini, University of Florence

• Serendipitous Interactive Browsing of Online Catalogues
Richard Tateson Intelligent Systems Lab BT England
• A Systematic Approach Towards Museum Web Site Quality
Luisa Marucci, Oreste Signore ISTI/CNR Italy
• Evaluating a Robotic System for Capture of Heritage Images
Lindsay MacDonald & Keith Findalter, University of Derby
• Querying XML Document Collections
Oreste Signore, CNR Italy

R&D projects II

Chair: George Mallen, System Simulation

• The CACHe Art History Project - Computing & the Visual Arts 1965-1980
Nick Lambert, Birkbeck College, University of London
• TNT and Effective Business Model for Digital Rights Management in Cultural Heritage
Massimo Bertoncini R&D Lab, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Rome, Italy
• Text Processing System for Cultural Heritage & Multimedia Applications
Ramil Valitov, Kazan State University, Russia
• 'Intelligent' cultural heritage & archival applications: a aase study of usefulness of semantic indexing in a collection level description
Triantafillia Kourtoumi, Historical Archives of Macedonia, Greece

Closing panel discussion

Bringing It All Together – What does it all mean?!
Leader: George Mallen, System Simulation, England