EVA London 2002

Conference programme

Thursday, 25th July

Introduction & Welcoming Address

A. G. Constantinides, Imperial College & James Hemsley, NMS & VASARI UK
Opening Address

Mark Jones, Director, Victoria & Albert Museum
Keynote Address

History of Art in the Digital Age - Problems & Possibilities Will Vaughan, Birkbeck College

Chair: Catherine Grout, JISC

• Creating Content Together: Combining National & European Initiatives
David Dawson, Resource UK

• Engaging with Science and Culture: Major Missions Across Cyberspace to Share Good History
Robert Bud & Ann Borda, Science Museum, London

• Culture as a Driving Force for Research & Technology Development - A Decade's Experience of Canada's NRC 3D Technology
John Taylor, NRC, Canada
Bringing in the New European Associated & Independent States (NAS)

Chair: James Hemsley, National Museums of Scotland (NMS) & VASARI UK

• Memory of Poland – Memory of the World
Bogdan Smolka, Silesian University of Technology, Poland

• IST in Russian Culture: Strategic Review & New Initiatives
Nadia Brakker, Leonid Kujbyshev, Center PIC, Russia

David Fuegi, MDR Partners, UK

• The Ukraine – A Key Future Partner
Gerd Stanke, GFaI, Germany & James Hemsley, National Museums of Scotland (NMS) & VASARI UK
New Directions

Chair: James Hemsley, National Museums of Scotland (NMS) & VASARI UK

• Music via Motion (MvM)
Kia Ng, Music Imaging Ltd, ICSRiM, University of Leeds, UK

• Audio Conservation and Restoration
Colin Gateley, NMS [The Multimedia Team]

• Information to Knowledge – Contributions to the Software Infrastructure
George Mallen & Mike Stapleton, System Simulation Ltd, London
Case Studies

Co-chairs: Alan Seal, V & A Museum & Anthony Hamber, Consultant

• The Cleveland Special Exhibitions Tool - An Elegant Solution to Common Requirements
Ben Rubenstein, Cognitive Applications, UK & Holly Witchey, Cleveland Museum of Art, USA

• The Use and Application of Virtual Reality in the Ceramic Industry
Sebastien Danneels, Hothouse Ceramic Design Centre, UK

• Whitby Headland – Integrating 3D Visualisation & Public Presentation
Jeffrey Maytom, Mind Wave Media, UK

• Norfolk On-Line Access to Heritage (NOAH) - Interoperability between Museums, Libraries & Archives
Sheila Bullard, Norfolk County Council, UK

• Historical Buildings in 3D
Edgar Brück & Falk Krebs, Fachochschule Wiesbaden, Germany

• Conservation Facsimiles – The Production of High Resolution Facsimiles of the Tombs of SETI and TUTMOSIS III
Adam Lowe, Factum Arte Dessarrollos Digitales S.L.

Friday, 26th July

Special European Session: 'Serving the Citizen'

European projects aimed at providing better tools and services for ordinary people interested in cultural heritage
Chair: Ian Pigott, DG Information Society, European Commission

• CHIMER: Children’s Heritage Interactive Models for Evolving Repositories
Romana Krizova, Cross Czech, CZ

• PULMAN: Europe's Thematic Network for Public Libraries & Cultural Institutions Operating at Local Level
Rob Davies, MDR Partners, UK

• TRIS: Cultural Heritage Take-up Trials: Solutions & Potential in a Special Project Bouquet
Flavio Tariffi, Space, IT

• CHOSA: Cultural Heritage of St Albans
Alison Cole, St Albans Museums – Verulamium Museum, UK

• KIST: Designing Treasures: A New Approach to Exploring Museum Objects
Neil Shaw & Sharyn Emslie, The Multimedia Team Ltd, National Museums of Scotland, UK

• CTIC: Common Threads – a Tailored Solution
Mary Durose, DataVista Ltd, UK

• ESTAGE: Experiencing Puppetry in a Context-Sensitive Information Space
Kurt Englmeier, Lemonlabs Gmbh, DE

• HITITE: The Heritage Illustrated Thesaurus - An On-Line Resource for Monument Identification
Phil Carlisle, National Monuments Record Centre, UK

• VALHALLA: An Approach to Adding Value While Recording Historic Gardens and Landscapes
John Counsell, University of the West of England, UK

• VIRTUAL: A Prototype for Virtual Archive and Library for Cathedrals
Nada Bates-Brkljac, University of the West of England, UK

• VRCHIP: Virtual Reality Cultural Heritage Information Portal
Nicholas J Webb & John P Brotherhood, National Nuclear Corporation Ltd, UK

• BEASTS: 'Cobwebs & World Wide Webs'
Elen Rhys, Acen Cyfyngedig – Wales Digital College, UK

Achievements of the Fifth Framework Programme & Update on Framework 6
Experimental Applications

Chair: Gerd Stanke, GfaI, Germany

• Through Early Paper Digitally
Ian Christie-Miller, Visiting Research Fellow, University of London

• Supporting Evolution in a Web Engineering Process
Andrew McDonald & Ray Welland, University of Glasgow, Scotland

• PROMETHEUS: The Distributed Digital Image Archive for Research & Tuition
Ute Verstegen, Kunsthistorisches Institut, University of Cologne, and Sigrid Ruby, University of Giessen, Germany
Advanced R&D

Chair: Vito Cappellini, University of Florence, Italy

• New Technical Approaches in Watermarking and Image Quality Improvement
Rastislav Lukac, Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic

• International Standards: A Key Issue for Exchanging Cultural Heritage Content
Jean Barda, NetImage, France

• Application of the System to Generate General Picture Research: ARTISTE Project
James Stevenson, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Closing the Loop: Advanced Methods in Practice

• A Model of Innovative Communication for Art Galleries in the Project RETE PUGLA
Mario de Blasi, Anna Gentile, S. Impedo, L Rudd, CINI-Bari, Italy

• Looking at Buildings Website
Charles O'Brien, Pevsner Book Trust & Chris Meaney, Harvard Consultancy Services
The EVA Conferences: Past & Future and the EVA Networking (EVAN) Project

James Hemsley, National Museums of Scotland & VASARI UK, Gerd Stanke, GFaI & Vito Cappellini, University of Florence