EVA London collaborations


Anthill Social

www.theanthillsocial.co.uk - the website of Tom Keene, an artist who attempts to understand the agency and mechanisms of control exhibited by the technologies of contemporary society. Thank you Tom for creating EVA London's beautiful and striking website.

BCS, the Chartered Institute of IT

Our sponsor and ultimate parent body. Find out more on the BCS website.

Computer Arts Society

A Specialist Group of the BCS, the Computer Arts Society (CAS) promotes the creative uses of computers in the arts and culture generally. Find out more on the CAS website.

The Lumen Prize

The leading international digital art award, The Lumen Prize promotes digital artists and their work and collaborates with EVA London through CAS. Find out more on the Lumen Prize website.

V&A Digital Futures

A Victoria and Albert Museum Digital Futures exhibition is held in association with EVA London.

EVA London Pre-conference Symposium

The day-long EVA London Pre-conference Symposium is held the day before the main EVA London conference and is sponsored by Pratt Institute School of Information in New York.

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