Research Workshop

Research Workshop Papers for 2pm Tuesday 12 th July 2016

1) John Hillman, Falmouth University , UK
Periphery Vision : data as image

2) Eva Jova, Photographer, Paris Manchester School of Art, UK
Presence An exploration of the Real and Veiled in Museums and Galleries

3) Michael Wechner & Ulrich Suter,  Germany & Switzerland
Musealia A democratic long term art archive

4) Gabriel Botasso, Universidade de Sao Paulo Brazil
The Hand and the Bond: A research about the free-hand drawing in the Eduardo Souto de Moura’s and Eduardo de Almeida’s projective process

5) Paris Xyntarianos-Tsiropinas, University of the Aegean, Greece
DDArtS: Towards Designing Digitally Enhanced Street Art Tools

6) Kira DeCoudres, Hampshire College Amherst, MA (USA)
Methods of Ontological Remix

7) Rita Silva, Federal University of Bahia Brazil
Musealisation in mobile apps: a communitarian museum for Ilê Aiyê

8) Kristina Pulejkova, Multimedia Artist  London UK
Atomic Memory and the Future Human

Our 2015 Research Workshop included a number of exciting and original ideas, detailed on the 2015 Research Workshop web page.