Facilities and technology

Standard equipment

There will be a LCD projector connected to a conference laptop PC, audio connection, internet access, and Bluetooth pointing device. In general:

  • Wherever possible we would prefer to transfer your presentation file onto the host computer. If your presentation is straightforward, please bring it on a USB memory stick or CD-ROM and load it onto the conference machine well ahead of the time for your presentation.

Other requirements

  • However, if your presentation uses or includes anything other than straightforward PowerPoint, i.e. special media, such as video, Flash, QuickTime, audio, etc, or a Keynote presentation, it is best to bring your own laptop with the presentation set up.
  • Mac users are welcome - if you plan to run your presentation on the conference machine, do check it on a PC and make sure the images are in a Windows readable format (e.g. not .tiff).

If you plan to use anything other than a presentation on a USB stick or CD-ROM that can be pre-loaded onto the conference computer, please reply as soon as possible to the letter you will have been sent. If you have not yet received a letter, please email technical@eva-london.org as soon as possible.