Delegate survey

Since EVA London 2009, delegates have been invited to complete an online survey immediately after the conference.


2013: 124 individuals (80-98 per day)

2012: 100 individuals (60-64 per day)
2011: 116 individuals (48 - 69 per day)
2010: 119 individuals (76-97 per day)
2009: 85 individuals (50-63 per day)

EVA London 2013 Summary

52 responses

Repeat attendance versus new attendees
30% had attended before; 70% new attendance
Repeat attendance shows that delegates are confident of a fresh experience, while we are reaching substantial new audiences.

Who are the audience? Of respondents,
14 were university affiliated and 18 were students
14 were artists
8 mentioned "independent artist"
8 owned or worked in a business
Small numbers of others. Our main audiences are university academics and artists (often same person), this is the first time we asked about owning or working in a business. This is about the same as 2010.

How did they hear about it?
23% Word of mouth or personal recommendation;
23% EVA London website;
22% Mail list or other posting

Most valuable aspects
A chance to hear about new technologies
Meeting and talking to others in the field
The papers and presentations
EVA London's mix of topics

How many stars would you give the conference?
New question this year. Average: 4.
***** 5 stars: 9
**** 4 stars: 20
*** 3 stars: 9
** 2 stars: 1
* 1 stars: 1
Several imaginative suggestions were made for improving the conference further - we are introducing some new ideas in 2014.